Power Peak™ AL and GS

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  • Mounting system for larger scale installations that require faster build ratesPowerPeakLogo-RGB
  • Factory pre-assembled components save time
  • High strength steel attachment components
  • Wind Tunnel optimized designs
  • Optimized for site specific conditions
  • Assembles over pile driven
    pre-drilled galvanized I-Beams
  • Components feature built-in field adjustments
  • Integral wire management
  • Code compliant

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Power Peak GSH Kit

Power Peak™ AL - Large Scale Ground Mount System

Power Peak™ GS - Large Scale Ground Mount System

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Quality Mounting Hardware Solutions for the PV Solar Industry

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Power Peak™ AL Assembly Instructions

Power Peak™ GS Assembly Instructions

Power Peak™ GSC Assembly Instructions

Power Peak™ GSH Assembly Instructions

Power Peak™ Mounting System
Power Peak™ AL Mounting System Integrated Grounding Guidelines


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